Things to Smile About

For anyone wondering, perhaps still in a state of post-New Year’s, somewhat alcohol-induced confusion, I can reliably inform you that it is now 2017. And I haven’t written a blog post in six months! That’s the equivalent of just over the gestation period of a goat, time for 7.5 moon cycles and the building of a Rolls Royce (I spent a wonderful 15 minutes finding those facts, yes – I’m more than happy to provide advice on how to spend a wild evening). So, a lot can happen in that amount of time, and I don’t think you need me to recap for you. Although I will. Briefly.

I suppose one of the biggest changes, especially in mind of my previous post, is that the Orange One now controls the Western world. That was a development with which I was wholly dissatisfied. Oh, and Article 50 is actually happening now. Brexit is officially in the oven (cue all those seedy Bread-xit puns). In even more groundbreaking news, The Daily Mail has produced several recent gems of misogynistic articles (particularly that Leg-sit spectacular) – ha! what a surprise! what informed, intellectual journalistic heights they have reached!

Amid all this turmoil, however, I’d like to raise a few points of joy. 2017 has got off to a rocky start, yes, but I’d hereby like to remind you that goodness still has a place within it:

  1. The word ‘hereby’ still exists – I’d advise you to make good use of this, and petition for it to be reinstated into common parlance, along with its excellent counterparts, ‘whereby’, ‘forthwith’ and ‘yonder’.
  2. Beauty and the Beast‘s live action remake.
  3. Pineapple on pizza (controversial, I know).
  4. Emma Thompson as Mrs Potts in Beauty and the Beast‘s live action remake.
  5. Talking of which, tea in general. And biscuits and crumpets.
  6. Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and the Beast‘s live action remake (you get the point).
  7. Planet Earth is still full of lovely puppies and kittens that you can pet whenever.
  8. The incredible feeling of solidarity and support raised by the marches around the world in January. The Women’s March on London was the highlight of my year so far.
  9. Family.
  10. Friends.
  11. More puppies. And fully grown dogs.
  12. The amazing way in which London has recovered and kept going, as only London can, after the Westminster attack recently. It was a day that shook the whole country, as we mourned for the casualties. But people have shown an incredible resilience, and a refusal to live in fear, to give in to the wishes of terrorists. Think of the doctors who ran across the bridge to help the wounded. The MP, Tobias Ellwood, who tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the police officer killed outside Parliament. Those great signs in tube stations, stating that life would go on as normal.
  13. Moonlight getting best film at the Oscars.
  14. Pizza in general.
  15. The amazing WOW awards at the Southbank Centre – I had the pleasure of going to the evening hosted by Sandi Toksvig and it certainly brightened up my year. A night truly celebrating, and relishing, what it is to be female.
  16. Disney announcing more live action films.
  17. Ice cream.
  18. Red Nose Day raised over £73 million.
  19. There’s a huge movement to save and look after bees.

I could go on.

This is an incredibly random selection, I know. It also contains some good things which are personal to me, as I’m sure we’ve all had our individual high points of the year. But I just wanted to do my bit to spread a little positivity and humour over a year, and, thus far, millennium, that sometimes feels a little scarier and more serious than its predecessors.

It’s so important at the moment to hear good news. After all, it’s better than fake news, and that was so last year.


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